P.S. Cafe..Palais..

July 23, 2008 at 11:27 pm (三餐溫飽 Essentials) (, )

I really like the outlet in Dempsey.

Not because it serves the best food but for her ambience and the surrounding.

I like how it is surrounded by the natural, by the lusciness of green.
I love it when the sunlight penetrates through those huge glass panels.

I can sit outdoors, in one of those lazy chairs they have in the the smoking area.

Not that Im a smoker. But those couple of chairs in the smoking area are probably the most comfortable amidst the others.

In the day, with a cup of tea/coffee and kuchen, I like how fresh the air smells outside.
Comes dusk, with a glass of Sangria, I enjoy istening to the musical pieces performed by the orchestra of toads and crickets.

Yes! I must say they make one of the best Sangria in town!

Recently, a third outlet opened at Palais Renasissance. One of my frens was going to give me a birthday treat. So I bought her there to check out this new outlet together.

Definitely did a pretty neat job in the whole interior designs. No doubts about it. But I was really disappointed with the menu, the selection and the food. I could trade it off with the good ambience.

One of the waiters just ruined my mood from the start.

He popped over my shoulder and asked if everything was ok, seeing that I had not touch my soup at all. I appreciated the concern but I felt he could approach me in a more friendlier way. Where was the “excuse me, M’am?” Since then, a rather intimidating mood develioped around me. The whole place just made me so uncomfortable for the weirdest reason.

Initially, I wanted to have my dessert there too. After that incident, and displeased with our orders, we left.

To make up for the dissatisfaction, we landed up at TCC for our coffee and desserts. I finally felt relaxed.

Will I visit Palais outlet again? Surely no.

Our dessert indulgence.


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