010808. 1823hrs. Blisters.

August 1, 2008 at 11:37 pm (家 Home Sweet Home, 家人,朋友+ 我。Family, friends & I)

Dont know what had gotten into me this morning.

Was trying to set my hair to curls for work, using the curling iron, a birthday pressie from a group of friends.

Mistakenly, I went to hold the cereamic barrel instead of the rubber handle.

Instead of dropping it instantly, I still held onto it for at least five seconds to respond.

Yes! Without saying, the heat scorched my fingers at that very moment! The immediate reflex was to drop it IMMEDIATELY. But there was a lapse of five seconds. That lapse had caused a second-degree burn on 4.5 of my fingers. Instead of saving my fingers, I chose to save the curling iron. OUCH!

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