100808. 2034hrs. Horikawa Coil Incense.

August 11, 2008 at 9:52 pm (随型 Random, 家 Home Sweet Home, 家人,朋友+ 我。Family, friends & I)

Earlier this year, I made a trip to Japan. Kyoto was one of the stops.

When I was walking along the streets near Kiyomizu Temple, this particular shop caught the attention of my sense of scent. Walked in and out a few times, trying to figure out what the smell was.

It is a scent called Horikawa: Aromatic wood, Knowledge, Camaraderie.

I like how the it calms me down. How relaxing it makes me feels.

Perfect preparing for bedtime.


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  1. Ryan said,

    Shoyeido is 300 yrs old and one of the premier incense makers of Japan. Incense is greatly appreciated in Japan and they have some of the finest incense in the world. In Japan they actually have an incense appreciation ceremony known as Kodo in which incense competitions and games are played. If you’d like to learn more about incense, check out http://www.IncenseInformation.com 🙂

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