A stroll

September 7, 2008 at 2:07 pm (家 Home Sweet Home) ()

In the last few weeks, it seems like we were entering Fall.

Grey. Gloomy. Wet. Where have all the sunshine gone to?

A rather unusual September.

I was chatting with my good friend from London the other night.  “We had a short summer this year.” How inappropriate is say that, coming from a person who lives in an island slightly above the equator.  A common topic of ours, weather. cos she is envious of our abundance sunshine, tropical weather.  I was sharing with her how abnormal our weather pattern has changed recently. I almost want to wear my fall light coat to work.

Yesterday, we had a really good weather. Sunshine. Windy. A perfect weather for a stroll in the park; to have a BBQ in an outdoor pit. That explained why there were so many families and group of youngsters having BBQ at the pits near the jetty in Sembawang Park. Another reason was probably because it was the last weekend of the term break.

I should really consider getting a bicycle. It’s so near where I stay. Probably a good twenty minutes ride. Transiting from blocks of concrete to rows of trees.  Good exercise. Good getaway.

At the entrance near Car Park C2, we were wondering why these two people were staring up in the tree, one was holding a camera and pointing upwards. As I walked closer, I saw the reason. They were a few parrots, eating the fruits on the branches.  According to one passer-by, this white species does not reside here. A rare sight.

Sun was setting.

Beautiful colours of yellow and orange behind the silhouette of the trees.

Beaulieu House.

I had came here once for lunch.

A tranquil surrounding.

Sembawang Wharf.

It is common to hear the busy activities in the wharf from my place.

On every countdown to New Year, when the clock strikes 0000hrs, you could  hear all the ships horning away or shooting mini fireworks into the sky.

An unique characteristic at this northern tip of the island.


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