Thousands & Hundreds

September 7, 2008 at 12:16 pm (我爱的烘培 Baking) (, )

Today is the birthday of one of my close friends.

I have been so busy with my new role that I fail to execute my original plan for her birthday cake.

To compensate, I made her a tray of cupcakes in the two hours I had before meeting her. It was quite a mad rush, to make sure I had all the essentials available, to make sure the kitchen was kept clean and neat at all time. Otherwise, my Mum would give me a nightmare after the whole baking was over.

From the amount of glances I noticed in the train, most must be wondering why I was carrying a tray wrapped with aluminum foil with a bow on it. You just got to make the best from what you could find at such last minute.

Well, initially, my plan was to put all those cupcakes in tiers of bamboo steamers. But, I failed to find any in the mall near my place. Bummer. So, tray was my resort.

I used the same Devil’s chocolate cake recipe from what I had done last month since it was so popular among many of my friends. I suppose it wont go very wrong for her liking. 🙂


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