Hari Raya / Children’s Day Eve

October 1, 2008 at 4:24 pm (家 Home Sweet Home, 三餐溫飽 Essentials) ()

1700hrs: Angie picked me up from office.
1730hrs: Made the noodle dough for dinner. Put aside.
1745hrs: Headed to pool and swam.

Had the pool 80% of time by myself. LOVE IT!
Swimming alone, floating on the water, looking into the sky, watching the sun to set, just all that I needed for yesterday. To gain back my composure and sanity.
Work has been a pain lately. Mgt jumps at every comment made; escalates down stream without evaluating the importance or priority; we have to drop everything and investigate on these unbelievably trivial matters. Later to find out from the requestors, “Im only making a comment. You dont need to take action.” OMG.

1830hrs: Headed back up to the apartment. Chilled. Showered. Popped a bottle of bubbles. Watched telly.

1940hrs: Action! Preparation for dinner.

Rolled the dough in a primitive way i.e. a glass bottle.

2000hrs: Dinner ready to be served. All set and ready to kick off our Korean drama marathon.

2008hrs: Dessert’s time! It’s just got better and better eh? =D

How can one have a slice of chocolate cake without coffee, right?
Freshly decaf espresso from the mini xpresso machine!!!
Perfect way to end the note.

0100hrs: Headed home.

Despite how badly ached my shoulders were, despite how long it took me to sleep due to the pain, it’s a great way to put my mind off from work for one evening.


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