wildrocket @ mount emily

October 9, 2008 at 5:59 pm (家 Home Sweet Home, 三餐溫飽 Essentials) (, )

Im always on the hunt of new places to explore, to bring my friends and have a good meal. These ideas, in particular, come in very handy esplee when I have friends in town; or when Im asked to think of idea for a team’s offsite.

Wildrocket has been in my list for the past few months. Just waiting for an occasion to check out the place with an additional meaning.

Yesterday, one of my good frens has officially joined us in the big THREE clud. ^^ So, I had chose to celebrate her birthday @ Wildrocket. A wonderful gastronomical experience.

The restaurant is located right on top of Mt Emily. Sounds steep? Actually, if you know the short cut i.e. the staircase leading to the Hangout Hotel; it’s actually a five min walk up from the cross-junction of Selegie Road and Sophia Road. Good exercise for before and after a meal.

This first dish really opened up our palates – Seafood crustacean oil spaghetti. The use of dried shrimps really gave the pasta a very unique characteristic to the flavour.

The second dish, Chilean Seabass with Cai-bo & congee, was our ultimate fave! In a quick glance, you could probably mistaken it to be a giant chwee kueh with cai-bo toppings. To bring the surprise to another level, the thick congee on the bottom.

Duck Confit, the least fave. It tasted a tad like those preserved duck meat which is only available during Chinese New Year. It went well with the sour gravy. I suppose when comes to duck meat, it is a rather acquired taste.

Crabmeat mash potato, we just had to order this. Reason? One of my friends is a massive fan of potato!!! Anything potato will perk her up, just like how chocolates take effect on me.

Their signature dessert, deconstructed strawberry cheesecake served in martini glass. Absolutely mind-blowing! You could tell its popularity as almost every table around us ordered this.

A birthday treat from the restaurant. Very sweet gesture! These kind of generousity is rare to come by these days.

My potato-fanantic friend is also a huge fan of yam. Another dessert which we couldnt miss, Yam Mille-Feullie.

Tiramisu! Tiramisu! Wildrocket’s version, Kueh buloh Tiramisu. A pernankan twist.

Poached pear & panna cotta with ginger. The soup tasted just like how my Mum prepared for the tangyuan soup. A good aftertaste kick from the ginger!


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