Gourmet Burger

October 11, 2008 at 6:15 pm (家 Home Sweet Home, 三餐溫飽 Essentials) (, , , )

October is the most celebrated month.  Ten people whom I know whose birthdays fall into this month. My niece’s is also an October baby. And this year, two pubic holidays fall in this month.

Last night, I brought a friend to Relish for dinner as a birthday treat.  Burgers, fries and premium beer would be a perfect way to end a day of stressful work and welcome the weekend.

It was a good catch up, indeed. We had not had a quality conversation for over a year.

I like it how the place is set up.
The high vaulted ceiling makes it feel very spacious.
The effect to expose a portion of the brickwork which gives the restaurant a nice retro punch.

It is a place for gourmet burgers.  $20 for a burger is definitely a hefty price to pay for a burger. Thus, appreciation will be subjective.

For a one-time experience, I think it would be acceptable. To have the chance to taste and find out the difference. For the sake of curiosity.

The food was not too bad. But I suppose I’m a simple person who will be equally satisfied with a simple, regular burger.

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