Sandy Live!

October 19, 2008 at 1:49 pm (我爱的演唱会 Concert) (, )


Sound system, musicians – quality selection!
Every detail from the light creations to how the camera should film, at which angle, to project on the big screens in order to achieve an ultimate enjoyable experience for the audience. Executed with quality!

Simple stage setup. Nothing 花俏. 简单就是美.

I particularly love how they used the backstage wall to translate the different themes through digital illustrations.

A bit of flavor of Madonna.
A bit of flavor of Kylie.
A bit of flavour of Broadway.

You dont need to be a huge fan to admire her vocal. Her vocal? 干净利落。 她的特质。也是我欣赏她的地方。Uniquely Sandy.

I may not be a huge mega fan but I grow up with her music. 愛上一個不回家的人, 走在大街的女子, 傷痕 to 至少還有你. These songs are 耳熟能祥 to me.

Most songs were recomposed to give it a different twist in flavour. It’s refreshing but my fren and I still prefer the original. We feel these elements have somewhat camouflaged the quality of her vocal.

Nevertheless, it was still a 超有素质的演唱会.

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