Offsite @ Bottletree Village

November 2, 2008 at 12:13 am (家 Home Sweet Home) ()

Had our annual offsite @ Bottletree Village yesterday.

A friend commented, “Prawning again?”

Looking at the current economy, seeing people getting laid-off in the company, most of us are just hoping the best for everyday, hoping our jobs are secured. Despite there is no longer attractive increment or bonues like before, we still have our jobs, we are still getting our decent salaries.

Of course, compare to competitors, we may be slightly worse off. I guess it all depends what you really want by the end of the day. Do you want only money? Or you prefer to have a job of a lower pay, but with a nice manager, working with a group of nice colleagues and a flexible environment? Which is important?

I think most are appreciative at least some budget was put aside to organise such a gathering. Thanks to all the efforts the team of committees had put in, I believe most of us did enjoy ourselves to a certain level, enjoyed the afternoon off, doing something different for leisure.

You will get rotten apples in everywhere you go to. Compare to other divisions, I must say my current division is one of the few where people is of simpler mind, less complicating. No doubt there are a few unpopular individuals, but they are not vicious sort.


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