Smile With Me.

February 9, 2009 at 11:07 pm (家 Home Sweet Home) (, , )

This CNY is such a busy period for me!
Ive fallen sick since last week and only found the time to go and see the doc today.

My tonsils have swollen so badly this time, that my throat feels so tight!
To the point, Im reluctant to swallow anything down my throat at times.

The effective way to get a few minutes of relief? A scoop of ice cream.

After visiting the doc, I made a trip to Mr Bean and got myself a scoop of Soy Ice Cream.

Just in front of the cashier, there was a transparent box keeping three figures of Mr Bean in some form of paper craft. Two designs are available for this week, while the third and last will be released next week.

Apart from looking cute, there are of a very good cost.  It’s part of Mr Bean’s “Smile with Me” campaign. There are for sale, at under $4 each. And proceeds will go to the Operation Smile Singapore.

Perhaps a perfect idea to be given to friends on Valentine’s Day, too!




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