Mosque Street’s Togi

April 25, 2009 at 11:11 pm (三餐溫飽 Essentials) (, , , )


I have the craving for jeongol (전골) for the longest time! Cos it is a not dish you could possibly finish among 2 person (with the spread of starters typically provided). You would need to gather a few friends to optimise the experience!

At least, for me, I cant.

1) My gastric condition –  我是少吃多餐的一个人。 2) My greed to try more instead of sticking with one dish.

Finally, 今天约了三五好友, to make this mission comes true!

I have been coming back to this particular Korean restaurant several times in the last two months.

很道地。很有妈妈的味道。 Authentic.


Kimchi pancake / Kimchijeon (김치전) – 맛있어요!!!


Spicy Rice Cake / Dukbokgi (떡볶이) – 맛있어요!!!


Haemul jeongol (해물전골) – 맛있어요

Togi Korean Restaurant
11 Mosque Street
Tel: 6221 0830

Simply 物超所值 맛있다!!!!


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