Ricky Martin of the East

June 7, 2009 at 9:26 pm (我爱的演唱会 Concert) (, )

April 2001

When he came to Singapore for the very first time to promote his debut Chinese album, 对你爱不完, in 1991.
He held a performance in Bras Basah on 16th of April.

The exact moment, outside Jack’s place.
Like one of the little fans, I stood outside one of the windows.
He turned to my direction, smiling away.

青少年会经过的一段, 追偶像。Everything began from that smile since then.
That phase probably lasted for four years.



Last weekend, I attended his “Aaron Kwok De Show Reel Live In Concert ’09“.
My second since his very first concert in 1996.

A spectacular concert!
Amazing stage design!
Extravagant costumes!

The unique 450 Degree Revolving Stage won a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest indoor revolving stage. Awesome!

A true, true performer on a world-class stage!

My only comment, his level of Chinese. The standard is still (exactly) the same from day 1.
I wish he could just converse throughout in Cantonese, something he is eloquent with, whereby he could express himself and thoughts more fluently and comfortably.

Regardless, 城城, 真的,永远,对你爱不完!






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