Where’s lunch today?

July 14, 2009 at 9:31 pm (家 Home Sweet Home) (, )

Hock Lim Food Centre.

July 096

Main course. Hokkien version of bak kut teh. 福建肉骨茶。The difference from Teochew style? Colour.

July 098

Teabreak. Bread from Barcook Bakery.

This little bakery always receives a perpetual queue.

When a new tray comes out from the oven, all the buns disappear within minutes!

Not in any way Im exaggerating.



July 097

Came my turn to order,  fresh trays of chocolate + almond, tuna and mix cheese buns were out from the oven. No luck with their infamous [cream & raisin] bun. I guess I would need to wait for at least half an hour or more, looking at the pre-order recipts at the counter.

What’s so fabulous about these buns?

1. Alluring smell

2. Soft skin

Completely irresistable!!!!

These will be sufficed to explain the populaity.


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