What a disappointment.

August 28, 2009 at 9:18 pm (三餐溫飽 Essentials) ()


Does these coverages warrant great food?

Not always.

This little Japanese bakery has created quite an amount of hype in some food blogs.

As a result, it naturally builds a curiousity in me.

After few rounds of rescheduling, we finally made it to make our way to this little bakery.


Hidden in a somewhat abandoned, dark, unpopular building along Craig Road, you just can’t imagine there is a Japanese bakery selling french cakes.


Strawberry Soufflé・苺スフレ: Nothing WOW about, seriously.


Maison・メゾン: Dry. Tasted like a few days old cake.

Will I travel all the way (again) to get such simple and over-priced cakes? Nope.


The only  thing that I like about this bakery, is not their cakes; rather their green efforts.


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